[Review]How to complete Lingoda marathon and get a refund?

I completed Lingoda Marathon and took all necessary German lessons for three months, and finally the administration informed,

“Congratulations! You completed Lingoda language marathon!!

That was really happy moment to me.

The big benefit of joining Lingoda marathon campaign is a refund system.

If you fulfill the all requirement and take all lessons, you will get a refund! To be honest I was really worried whether I could really complete the Longoda marathon, because the marathon has a lot of rules and requirement.

There are some tips which I didn’t know before participating this campaign and it must be useful for someone who is going take Lingoda marathon from now.This is a honest review by me who completed Lingoda Marathon and take all German lessons

Choose your lesson from German,English, Spanish, French and Business English

I signed up for the German campaign, but there are also other courses available in Business English, English, Spanish and French. 

I decided German half marathon.

As of March 31, 2020, full marathon and half marathon which I took does not exsit.Lingoda changed course names to Super Sprint and Sprint.

Is it possible to participate from my country?

Yes. I am from Japan but currently living in Germany, so I participated in the Lingoda marathon from Germany.

I was curious if other learners living in the world could also participate in the event, so I asked Lingoda about it.

Lingoda replied to me,

“You can join the marathon from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection!”

I was really happy to get a positive answer from Lingoda, they are really friendly.

Sign up for the campaign

First, I signed up for the campaign through the Lingoda homepage.

In addition to German, they offer courses in Business English, English, Spanish and French.The course fee is slightly different,

€369/month for German and Business English and €296/month for English, Spanish and French.

There are two types of marathons you can participate in either the Super Sprint or Sprint.

Super Sprint, 30 lessons per month for 3 months and fully refundable

Sprint, 15 lessons per month for 3 months and 50% refundable

Once I paid my course fee by credit card, I received credits for my lessons.In my case, 15 credits for monthly lessons:) I booked then lesson time and lessons which I wanted.You can book a lesson once you get credit for the lesson.It’s better to book your lesson as earlier as possible.Make sure to check internet connection before you join the lesson.If you have an internet trouble and not able to show up on time, you will miss the class, no reund anmore. So it’s a good idea to check it beforehand.

If you can’t hear other student during the lesson, try logout and login again. It might help you.After the lesson, you will receive a brief report by email from the teacher.Some teachers will give you some simple advice to help you in your future studies.It’s a good idea to save it until the end of the campaign, as it can be used as evidence of your participation in the lesson.The monthly progress email from the Lingoda is important.After each lesson, you will receive an email report from the teacher, and every month, Lingoda will also check the progress of the students’ lessons and let you know the progress of the marathon by email.


After attending all lessons for three months, I finally received an  email from Linoda.I was happy about this email.It was tough three months, but it’s worth a try.

By the way, I got a refund after this email within a month, but the refund time has been changed to three months. Check out the Lingoda website for more information.

Tips for Lingoda Marathon

Lingoda marathon requires you to take lessons at least 3 or 4 days a week for spring and every day for Super sprint.I took 15 lessons a month for 3 months, but it was pretty hard.

Therefore, I fixed a day and time and tried to get it into my routine task.I took classes every Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 21:00.If you set your own rules, you might be able to take all lessons without missing and getting bored.

All teachers at Lingoda are native speakers and have at least 2 years of experience teaching German.The course material is better than I expected.Most of the teachers are friendly and good at teaching. (One or two time, I met a teacher who was not so motivated, but well nobody is perfect)It’s a great deal to get quality lessons and get a refund.The rules for participation and refund conditions have changed little by little over the years.

If you are interested, please check out the Lingoda website for more promotions.

If you think it’s hard to keep up with taking lessons everyday,Lingoda’s regular courses are the way to go.There are no refunds like a marathon campaign, but you can book at the last minute and there is also a pause menu during the course.To be honest I used to take Lingoda’s regular course before participating this marathon campaign.If you need more freedom for study and want to take lesson whenever you want, the regular course is recommended.

Thanks Lingoda for the boost! I really enjoyed and learn a lot through Lingoda:) 


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